Independent Television Network

The pioneer television station in Sri Lanka. Started operations on 13th April 1979 With very modest beginnings, and very basic equipment comprising a 1KW transmitter and a 65 foot antenna mast, ITN beamed programs to a radius of about 15 miles in and around Colombo. On 5th June 1979 ITN was converted to a government owned business undertaking, under a Competent Authority. In 1992 ITN was converted to a public company under State jurisdiction.

Subsequently both program and engineering services were extended. With Thirty Six years behind us local programs are given pride of place catering to all strata of society News and Current Affairs, Music and Variety, Drama are given pride of place. Special emphasis is also given to Children’s and Women’s and religious programs. ITN now has a daily transmission of 20 hours. There is also a small component of English programs mainly feature films and dramas with worldwide appeal. On the Engineering side five transmitting stations spread throughout the Island we are able to cover most parts of the Island. With the establishment of another transmitting station in the central hilly region it is expected that ITN programs will cover the entire Island.


To be the leader in Electronic Media


Produce and telecast quality, attractive and people friendly media content consistent with the Sri Lankan values and culture

Our Goals

  • 1

    Create excellent educational, informative and entertaining contents

  • 2

    Develop state of the art technology for creating and dissemination of content

  • 3

    Be the leader in new media landscape in Sri Lanka

  • 4

    Maintain financial stability of the organization

  • 5

    Develop creative, talented and professional human resources

  • 6

    Promote Sri Lanka to international audiences through the dissemination and exchange of local content

Our Objectives

Become number 02 rated channel in 2024
Achieve break event revenue of Rs. 170 Million a month in year 2022
Achieve 5 Million Subscribers & 1 Million Followers by 2024 in New Media
Telecast high quality and creative programmes to promote the country's economic and scoial development, cultural diversification and presevation as well as the environmental protection and promotion
Develop skilled, disciplined, competent and professional human resources with sound knowledge and attitude to compete locally and globally
Act as an exemplary state media institution to create a people friendly proper media culture in Sri Lanka

Our Values

Our values are the foundation of how we work


A commitment to innovation, ideas and support for talented people


Vision to adopt to change with integrity and decisiveness


Providing opprtunities to ITN staff to grow, personally and professionally during their time in the organization


Demonstrating high standards of government and value to the Sri Lanka Community

Our Performance

ITN commenced its operations in April 1979 by a team of private entrepreneurs in Pannipitiya and it was taken over by government in June 1979. In 1982 ITN shifted its transmission facilities, studios and head office to Wickramasinghepura, Battaramulla. The organization was converted into a government owned public company under the Act No. 23 of 1989 on 27th April 1992. ITN expanded its operations by acquiring “Lakhanda Radio” in 1997. As the need arose ITN went into establishing new ventures, “Vasantham TV and Vasantham Radio” for the Tamil speaking population in 2008 and 2009 respectively and “Prime TV” and “Prime Radio” English channels in 2009 to serve a national requirement.

ITN has shown strong performance from 2008 by becoming the Number 1 channel in prime time for the first time in the history of the organization. In 2009 ITN became the Number one channel in overall programmes. Continuously through – out till 2014 ITN managed to maintain its prime position.

However since beginning of year 2015 ITN started to show a decline in ratings and revenue resulting in overall set back.

From year 2020 action has been taken strategically to increase market share of channels and revenue by introducing a new programme line up, attractive tele dramas launching of Digital Channel for New Media and channel promotion campaigns. However the covid 19 pandemic has been a major setback in achieving the set targets.

Strategic Direction

Introduction of creative content that is attractive to the audiences whilst maintaining its core values as a media organization in a highly competitive industry, technological advances and developments in the new media platform has been identified as prime strategies of concern. Development of workforce will also be addressed in line with above.

Social Responsibility

ITN has been a socially responsible media organization since its inception. As much as offering entertainment, ITN has been concerned with the well-being of its stakeholders. This involves promoting new talent, education, community activity, health camps and village festivals. In such activities ITN offers the service which has long term impact for the country. ITN is aiming to retain its reputation as a socially responsible media organization.